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Stay Inspired With Yourself

The SIWY Box of Joy

The SIWY Box of Joy

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              Let’s see what’s inside!

   The Stay calm and Color activity book 

  • Did you know that the simple act of coloring not only reduces stress and anxiety but actively improves sleep, focus and creativity!
  • PLUS it comes with a pencil, sharpener and a set of color pencils that are safe for all ages to get creative with. 

   The Year of Inspiration

  • A desktop flipbook with a powerful quote and affirmation for every week of the year. 
  • Quotes have the unique ability to offer wisdom while affirmations hold the miraculous power to shift negative thought patterns into positive ones,    making them the perfect mood boosting team.

   The S.I.W.Y Happiness Journey

  • ​Inspired cutting edge positive psychology research, this journey is designed to make anyone from a four year old to an 84 year old happy or simply happier.
  • ​Evolve into a HAPPIER YOU by simply investing four minutes a day for 21 days! A happier you means, “your intelligence rises, creativity rises, and productivity improves by 31%”.

     The SIWY Story

  • Travel through an enchanting short story 9 oversized stickers + bookmark
    - To brighten up your space and mood


  •  These tools are designed to ground and anchor you in the midst of a busy day. That's why everything in this box can easily fit in your bag or pocket. Whether you’re looking for some fresh insights or want to color your stress away, with the Happiness Box inspiration follows you whenever, wherever. 
  • Whether you are buying this for yourself or a loved one you are guaranteed a smile!